Leigh-on-Sea, Essex


I am a Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Healer, Supervisor and Trainer and have been in full-time practice for over 20 years.


I offer confidential, compassionate assistance with psychological and emotional problems for adults, children, couples and families. I also offer spiritual guidance and development.


Clients seek help from a therapist for many different reasons and each has their own individual history.


You will come with your own personal circumstances and with your own personal difficulties and dilemmas.


I employ many different methods of therapy from the talking therapies such as Psychotherapy and Counselling which use the conscious, cognitive and analytical processes of the mind, to Meridian Therapy and Healing which taps into the energy system of the body and works with the mind-body connection; and Hypnotherapy, which uses the deeper and less easily accessed processes of the subconscious mind.


I offer a free no obligation consultation for two reasons:


Firstly, so that you can discuss your personal situation in the comfort and privacy of my consulting room. We can take your current circumstances and between us decide which would be the most appropriate therapy to employ. This depends on the nature of the symptom, your personality and belief system and sometimes takes time constraints into consideration. It may also be that a combination of methodologies is indicated.


Secondly and perhaps most importantly, it gives you, the client, a chance to meet me, ask me any questions you might have, allay any fears, satisfy yourself that I have the knowledge you require and an understanding of you. It is vital that you feel totally at ease in my company, that you trust my skills and feel secure that our sessions are confidential and that you will be treated with respect at all times, regardless of your circumstances and history. If you are wondering how you will know – I invite you to come along and find out for yourself.


Whilst it would be unethical for any therapist to claim 100% success every time; given the right therapist for you and the right methods used, beneficial change is practically inevitable.

personal therapy tailor-made for you